The North Shore Poetry Project started life in May 2012 as one of Australian Poetry’s Café Poets Projects with Philip Porter as the poet-in-residence. The aim of the Project is to bring the best of Australian poets to the district and to provide a space for emerging and local poets to perform their works. 

As the Project has evolved the number of local poets has grown from 3 to 15. The whole atmosphere has become one deeply rooted in community and the extensive and deep connections made between the poets and local poetry lovers.

Currently, The Project has four elements: 1. Weekly Poetry Workshops; 2 Monthly Poetry Readings; 3. Poetry Dinners and 4. Two publications; ‘A Patch of Sun’ and ‘The Intimacy of Strangers’. (for details and purchase see visit our online store)

The Project attracts a wide variety of locals across age, gender, occupations and interests. It could be described as the “men’s shed” of community engagement but draws people more interested in literature than the lathe.

Al Alvarez sums it up perfectly; “When you read a poem it’s usually telling what its owner is feeling…the voice is unlike any other voice you have ever heard and it is speaking directly to you…right in your ear, in its own distinctive way.”

This is the attraction of the Poetry Nights, the Monday workshops and the anthology. They bring people together leaving them feeling part of something bigger than themselves. 

Importantly, it all takes place in The Incinerator, an iconic Burley Griffin building in Willoughby. The restaurant serves Modern European cuisine.